About Us

SB Medical Nutrition is a group of passionate health enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing knowledge and advice to those seeking to look and feel better. Our program is called The Desired You. It is one of, if not the, first holistic program that treats the mind and the mind and body.  Yes, we said it twice. Let’s call them the conscious mind, and the biological mind and body.  When you take an action your mind and body react. For a successful and lasting body transformation understanding this interaction is critical. 

We are committed to helping individuals lose weight and keep it off. Our products and approach are based on years of experience in the medical weight loss field and clinical research. We understand the toughest part of the dieting process is compliance. That is, adhering to a caloric deficit and battling the body’s defense mechanisms that hold you back.   Weight loss is inherently a very difficult process, our job is to make that process easier, much easier.

Welcome to The Desired You, enjoy the journey.