Kristal Richardson - Creator of the Vino Lean Diet

Thomas Richardson

When Kristal was 28 years old, she decided to transform her body.  As a self-described “skinny fat” girl and a Type A personality, from the Midwest, she set her goals very high.  In fact, her objective was to compete in a physique competition in a category called Figure.  This is quite a feat for someone whose idea of working out was running around the block twice!

Fast forward to one year later when Kristal won her first show.  Six months later she won her class at the North American Championships, which earned her professional competing status.

Kristal went on to win several competitions, and became an International Fitness Model appearing on numerous magazine covers, and featured in magazines such as Flex, Status, Oxygen Magazine, Natural Muscle, Muscle Mag, Muscle and Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers. She went all the way up the ranks to be rated number 4 in the world.  

A Fitness icon and spokesperson, Kristal has done over twenty live television spots in relation to fitness, diet, and nutritional supplementation.  She has also produced two exercise videos and has several more in progress.  As an Athlete, Celebrity Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Sports Nutritionist, Kristal trained and coached elite fitness competitors and professional athletes.  Most of these clients are personal trainers, so in essence Kristal was the trainer of trainers. 

Kristal is now in her 40’s, a wife, the mother of two girls and a full-time soccer mom.  She is still in great shape and credits her diet, exercise, and motivation to the plan developed over years of trial and error to her ability to spend very little time in the gym and still maintain a body that many women dream of. Kristal named her plan the Vino Lean Diet.  Why Vino Lean? Because at the end of an action packed day Kristal enjoys a couple of glasses of wine to wind down and relax with her husband.  Many believe that when dieting wine has to go, not so with Vino Lean.

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